By Samantha Cathcart

Airtasker is an online service through which people can buy and sell services.  It operates on a similar business model to Uber and Airbnb, collecting commissions from workers using the site.

From carpet cleaning, to furniture removal, to installing a pirate ship cubby house in the backyard, you can find someone on Airtasker to do just about anything.

What happens if something goes wrong?

If you trawl through the fine print on Airtasker, you will find references to insurance that covers the Airtasker Worker for their liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage whilst performing certain tasks. However, there are many exclusions, such as mechanical repairs, carpentry, electrical, landscape gardeners using machinery, pest control, taxi services and personal trainers – these exclusions catch many of the popular services offered on the site.

What about personal injury to an Airtasker Worker?

Many users of Airtasker are seeking in-home assistance, whether it be removing rubbish, house cleaning or putting together a flat pack.’s insurance policy does not cover personal injury to an Airtasker Worker or subcontractors and should not be considered a replacement for workers compensation insurance.

There are many risks in engaging an Airtasker Worker to enter your home to perform work. Risks of slipping and tripping or injury from heavy lifting are all too common. People who invite an Airtasker Worker to their home to carry out work should first check what the Airtasker insurance policy will and won’t cover and ensure they have their own public liability insurance, such as that which typically attaches to a home and contents policy.

For more information on work that Airtasker third party liability insurance covers please click here.

Keep in mind, WorkCover Queensland offers an affordable household workers policy that provides protection for workers in your home. Find out more here.