BTLawyers is a progressive Queensland law firm of bold and brilliant thinkers. We are dynamic, efficient and outcome focused, providing quality legal solutions to government, insurers, businesses and private clients.

Our goals are to:

  1. Ensure the work we do supports and contributes positively to our community.
  2. Only do work that adds genuine value to our clients.
  3. Achieve outstanding results for our clients and our people.
  4. Provide opportunity for success and reward for every member of our team

We don’t believe our people’s value is measured in units of time, but rather the value they create. We focus on the value of long term collaborative client relationships, rather than short term profit.

Our inclusive, flexible and collaborative workplace was awarded the 2019 QLS Equity and Diversity Small Firm Award. Our team members contribute to several community legal services and we support a range of charitable causes both locally and internationally. We believe in the causes we fight for and are seeking people like you, who do the same.

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What we value

BTLawyersvalues inform the decisions we make every day at work – how we treat our clients, each other and contribute to our community.

To us, being progressive means that we:

  • are creative and innovative
  • support and promote diversity and sustainability in our workplace, profession and community
  • pursue social justice
  • contribute to our community

To us, being egalitarian means that we:

  • are a meritocracy
  • are respectful of our colleagues and others
  • recognise and reward contribution and excellence
  • provide opportunity for our people
  • are collaborative and approachable

We seek to embody excellence by:

  • providing the highest quality service
  • striving to be brilliant thinkers and the experts in our fields
  • delivering better solutions, results and value
  • being efficient and effective
  • being consistent and reliable
  • being bold, robust and tenacious

We are engaged because we:

  • are aligned to our client’s values
  • are committed to excellence
  • work in partnership with our clients and create enduring relationships
  • create a commercial solution for every problem

We seek to always act with integrity be being:

  • ethical in all of our actions
  • professional and respectful of all stakeholders
  • value-driven service providers

Qualities we look for

  • You are creative and think outside the box

  • You are passionate about your work and your values

  • You believe the team comes first and you want to be part of that team

  • You genuinely care about your clients, and you enjoy providing quality service

  • You are not afraid of change

  • You embody brilliance at every interaction

  • You are hardworking, courageous and resilient

  • You are curious, and you want to continue to learn and grow

  • You are committed to your profession

  • You are a conscientious global citizen

Positions available

No Positions currently available.

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