Employment Law

BTLawyers has experience in all areas of employer’s liability law, both common law claims and statutory compensation claims. We advise and act for insurers and self-insurers representing employers across a wide spectrum of industries and commercial activity.

Our clients include some of Australia’s leading insurers and corporations in transport and logistics, manufacturing, property, retail, health and aged care and financial services. As with all of our practice areas, we approach common law and statutory claims with an unwavering commitment to protecting and adding value to our client’s businesses.

BTLawyers was designed to be different – to deliver a service that is relevant and delivers genuine value that a traditional legal firm model cannot provide. We invest time to develop a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and the environment in which they operate. We create enduring relationships with our clients, supporting and protecting their business, vision and values. We also recognise the value and importance of the employer/employee relationship to the success of any enterprise, and the need to cultivate and protect that relationship whenever possible.

We provide:

  • A flat structure providing direct access to expert lawyers.
  • Through developing a full understanding of our clients’ business and their commercial objectives we are able to provide practical, accessible, responsive and effective advice and solutions.
  • A commercial approach to resolving employment disputes in a timely, practical and principled manner.
  • Value based fee structures that focus on effective and efficient service rather than process and procedure.
  • Focus on building relationships and adding value that supports our clients.

Our approach

BTLawyers can assist insurers and self-insured employers minimise their long-term claim costs and in reducing the prospect and potential value of common law claims.

Our firm’s professional team achieves this through tried and tested approaches – chiefly early intervention. We work closely with your claims managers and in-house legal teams to manage their claims portfolio.

By acting early to defend the claim, we optimise rehabilitation outcomes, marshal evidence and reduce damages more efficiently.

We’ll help you reduce potential claim costs through:

We’ll help you assess major injuries, often in conjunction with Workplace Health and Safety investigations, to provide early information about liability risk.

Early involvement in serious claims facilitates quick resolution of meritorious common law claims, sometimes with the Notice of Claim – reducing settlements and costs.

Our firm will recommend experts for obtaining evidence to support prosecutions or defend claims. We’ve managed to dissuade claimants from commencing claims by providing early evidence to dispute liability and successfully prosecuted fraud claims, resulting in claimants losing the right to compensation or damages.

Developing innovative rehabilitation options to maximise return-to-work outcomes and reduce potential damages.

Our practitioners conduct appeals when Q-comp overturns a client’s decision – with a high rate of success. We also assist with drafting Reasons for Decision in difficult/contentious claims, and preparing submissions to Q-comp to support decisions disputed by claimants.

Particularly for asbestos claims, but also major motor vehicle claims and fatalities where statutory compensation equals or exceeds damages.

Services for employer’s liability

Complex third party claims
Ensuring optimum recovery from contributors and vigorously using all available processes to bring them to the table.

Pure psychiatric claims
Careful investigation of causation and factual issues to optimise prospects of successful defence – particularly through early intervention in the statutory claim.

Catastrophic claims
Naturally, our firm is concerned for our clients and for genuinely injured workers. This is why BTLawyers offers sympathetic and effective case management for spinal, head and amputation injuries and fatalities. Our objective? Minimise exposure and maximise outcomes.

Asbestos, chemical exposure and latent onset claims
BTLawyers has more experience in handling these claims than any other solicitors managing Workers Compensation claims in Queensland. We offer you specialist knowledge to maximise outcomes and recovery of contribution.

Let’s work together

At BTLawyers, we deliver the most desirable outcomes for those we represent. We achieve this through our firm’s structure and the calibre of our team.

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