BTLawyers is making a stance in supporting fundamental women’s rights, with a substantial donation to Children by Choice. Over the last few months BTLawyers have been fundraising to support Children by Choice, a non-profit organisation committed to providing unbiased information on all unplanned pregnancy options including adoption, abortion and parenting.

The money raised from the fundraising activity will help support Children by Choice campaign for the decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland.

In Queensland, abortion is a crime punishable by imprisonment for up to seven years for women or a pregnant person, and for up to 14 years for their doctor. This month Queensland parliament will debate the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018. This bill follows the Queensland Law Reform Commission’s recommendations and allows abortion on request to 22 weeks and thereafter in emergencies or when two doctors deem it necessary on physical, psychological or social grounds.

Kerrie Jackson, Principal Director of BTLawyers says, “We are very proud to have this opportunity to support Children by Choice. The work they do is critically important. We hope the funds we have raised can assist them as they continue to advocate for the rights of Queensland women to have safe and lawful access to abortion.”

BTLawyers hosted a fundraiser event in August, with many attending to support Children by Choice and to hear keynote speaker, Dr Nikki Goldstein speak on the topic of women’s health and reproductive choice. The money raised from tickets sales for this event and a raffle totalled $10,000.

BTLawyers CEO, Andrew Nielsen presented the cheque to Daile Kelleher, General Manager of Children by Choice last week.
Daile Kelleher said, “Children by Choice has been advocating for abortion law reform since we were founded in 1972, we are so thankful for the support of BTLawyers in this campaign to modernise this archaic law from 1899. We have supported thousands of women in their pregnancy decisions and the barriers created by abortion being treated as a criminal matter and not a health matter only disadvantages women across Queensland.”

BTLawyers Fundraiser Raffle Winners Notification:

First Prize – Rebecca Treston (winner of a Gucci Designer Handbag valued at $1,465)

Second Prize – Anthony Mellick (winner of the Spicers Tamarind Retreat Getaway Voucher valued at $847)

Third Prize – Bruce Thomas (winner of the Blackbird Restaurant Gift Card valued at $300)