Debt Recovery

According to Australian Taxation Office 2020 data, Australian small businesses are owed more than $26 billion in unpaid invoices. Don’t risk running into financial difficulty because of outstanding debts.

BTLawyers has substantial experience of debt recovery. We provide up-to-date commercial advice to clients across Brisbane and South East Queensland to recover money owed – quickly and cheaply.

As specialist debt recovery solicitors, we can support you to evaluate your company debtors, assess any risks and develop an appropriate debt recovery law action plan.

Our Expert Debt Recovery Law Team

BTLawyers are specialists in debt recovery and commercial litigation.

Most debtors agree to settle their debt when issued a Letter of Demand from a law firm, as this is a clear statement of serious intent. Where a Letter of Demand is not successful, we have the expertise and reputation to resolve matters quickly and easily in litigation.

Many businesses fail as a result of insufficient debt handling practices, and with Covid uncertainty, this is on the rise.

BTLawyers provides businesses with cost-effective and results-driven debt recovery solutions. Our focus on delivering results is one of many reasons why an increasing number of companies in Brisbane and across South East Queensland trust us with their debt recovery.

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    Be secure in the knowledge your entire debt recovery process is included under a simple cost structure

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    Our debt recovery approach

    At BTLawyers, we believe in the one opportunity approach. We send one letter of demand, and if the debt is not paid in full or a debt agreement is not arranged, we file proceedings and recover your debt without wasting time and money.

    We work on a fixed fee schedule. In most cases, we can pass the legal fees of recovering a debt onto the debtor. Stop sending empty threats. Contact one of our debt recovery specialists and start recovering your unpaid debts today.

    Our process for debt recovery is simple. To start the debt collection process, a letter of demand is sent. Most debtors’ will either pay the full amount of the debt or arrange to pay by instalments.

    If the letter of demand is unsuccessful, we can list a default on their credit history on your behalf. Our services can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

    Choose a debt recovery solicitor, not a debt collection agency

    As debt recovery lawyers, we are experienced negotiators. We have a range of tools at our disposal to recover an outstanding debt.

    A debt collection agency will take a percentage of what they collect for you. However, lawyers are limited by law to not to charge in this way.

    Our debt recovery law team use the full legal process effectively to get your outstanding debt to the top of your debtor’s priorities. The advantages of engaging a lawyer to recover your debt include:

    • We will work with you to devise a well-considered and defensible legal position;
    • The expertise of a specialist legal counsel who is familiar with your situation;
    • The peace of mind that comes from understanding how the legal process will apply in your dispute.

    If you’re looking for a quick debt recovery service, BTCOLLECT offers the benefit of our considerable experience within a fixed fee, no-commission offering.

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