Debt Recovery

BTLawyers has an unwavering commitment to protecting and adding value to our clients’ businesses. Our select clientele includes some of Australia’s leading corporations in transport and logistics, manufacturing, property, retail, health and aged care, financial services and insurance. We understand that obtaining payment from debtors – particularly aged debtors – can be challenging.

At BTLawyers we work with you to ensure you are paid for work and/or services you have performed or money you have loaned that has not been repaid.

Common debts we deal with are unpaid accounts, where someone is refusing to pay for services, money loaned and not repaid, a dishonoured cheque and/or a debt arising from a contract for goods or services.

Don’t continue to send empty letters of demand begging for payment.

Our approach

At BTLawyers we believe in the one opportunity approach. We send one letter and if the debt is not paid in full or a debt agreement is not arranged, we file proceedings and recover the debt without wasting time and money.

We work on a fixed fee schedule and more often than not, we can pass the legal fees of recovering a debt onto the debtor. Stop sending empty threats and contact one of our debt recovery specialists and start recovering your unpaid debts today.

Let’s work together

At BTLawyers, we deliver the most desirable outcomes for those we represent. We achieve this through our firm’s structure and the calibre of our team.

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