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“HR is just another ‘business hat’ SME owners have to wear. It is confusing for SME owners, and if not handled by a professional can be very time consuming and expensive. John is as good as they come in the HR space. He provides confidence for SME owners to go about doing what they do well, he is practical and down to earth, avoids confusing HR jargon, and provides prompt sensible solutions, particularly for those who don’t have a lot of spare time on their hands.”

– Steve Keefe, Dirigo Business Finance

I work with employers to help them manage workplace employment risks and develop strategies to overcome people related problems as and when they occur.

No matter what the size of your business, managing the complexities of workplace laws and regulations when it comes to your staff can be daunting. If you are a Director or Manager in a large organisation, knowing how best to prevent workplace claims, and develop and manage policies and agreements is a common challenge.

If you are a small business owner, chances are you don’t have an in-house HR or IR function. Without this in-house support, it’s almost impossible to be proactive about identifying risks, and ensuring the right policies and processes are in place when it comes to managing and protecting your business and your staff.

I know this, because for more than 35 years I worked as a Senior HR Manager and in senior leadership roles in-house for private sector employers in the manufacturing sector including Teys Australia (Brisbane) and Metro Meat International (Adelaide). This experience has made me equally at home in both the boardroom and on the production floor, and provided me with first-hand experience of the challenges faced by both large organisations and SMEs, to prevent and fix issues promptly.

I specifically work with clients who need:

  • to resolve any claim (eg unfair dismissal or adverse action) lodged with the Fair Work Commission
  • help with the complexities and nuances of a formal EBA introduction or renewal into a workplace.
  • to undertake a workplace investigation as a result of internal or external allegations that employers have not acted reasonably or have been slow to protect vulnerable staff.
  • to develop robust workplace policies and procedures as a protective mechanism, including policies related to expected employee conduct standards, the eradication of harassment and bullying, and various health and safety protocols.
  • to negotiate with external authorities and union representatives, including negotiating successful productivity based collective bargaining outcomes within labour intensive workplaces, overcoming common barriers such as differing agendas and personalities which often derail a positive outcome.
  • ongoing HR support and advice due to lack of an in-house HR function or a specialist external sounding board where there is in house capacity.
  • to deal with specific cases of underperformance where an external advisory skill can often produce a more lasting positive response.
  • to develop more productive rosters of staff, creating productivity improvements through greater plant utilisation.
  • to establish effective and productive communication systems between staff and management.
  • to assist in staff selection, particularly management roles within labour intensive environments where people skills are crucial.
  • to develop and implement innovative and effective performance-based remuneration and reward systems.

I am also experienced in individual/collective representation at industry and government levels, having led two overseas study tours examining HR systems in Scandanavia and the USA, as well as being an employer representative on ministerial advisory bodies.

As a former representative rugby league player and cricketer, I am also passionate about the advancement of sporting organisations, being a current Director of Queensland Cricket and the Souths Logan Rugby League club in Brisbane.

If you would like to get some initial advice, or discuss your employment matter with me, please email me on to arrange a time.

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