What our clients say.

“I was initially referred to Vanessa at BTLawyers by a family friend. I booked in for my consultation, after which I decided to engage Vanessa because the she made me feel welcome and it was clear she was very knowledgeable.

Throughout the process, I found Vanessa to be extremely knowledgeable and understanding. She always explained things in a way so that I knew what was happening, and she is very approachable. I wasn’t sure what to expect from working with a Lawyer, but Vanessa treated me like a human being and I always felt that she genuinely cared about me and how I was feeling/doing. She has outstanding people skills which made the process a lot less stressful.

Most importantly, she was helpful and understanding of my situation, and made sure that I felt prepared for my trial. She had me gather information that was more than helpful for the trial, and had she not explained things and had me gather information needed for the trial it wouldn’t have gone the way it did. Being super prepared paid off in the end.

I would absolutely recommend BTLawyers and Vanessa due to their professionalism and knowledge, and will certainly use them again.”

Matt Calway
I was recommended to Vanessa by a friend of mine who had a similar experience and found the approach and services provided by Vanessa and the firm to be extremely good.

Naturally at the beginning of our relationship, I was extremely unsure and very distraught by the circumstances that I found myself in. I had no prior experience of law firms, though I assumed it would be time consuming, impersonal and incredibly expensive.

I found Vanessa to be an excellent listener and astute when providing advice based on what I could present. She has most certainly advocated on my behalf and always given me practical advice quickly, while also ensuring that I was fully aware of my own obligations and requirements. On several occasions, when I was going through a particularly bad time, Vanessa assisted me when she was out of the country and on leave. Despite this inconvenience, she always made me feel that she would guide me as things surfaced that I had to respond to and deal with quickly. I am truly very grateful for that responsiveness and level of empathy, understanding for my situation.

What I liked most about working with Vanessa was her excellent balance between being pragmatic, empathetic and ‘real’, while also being legally sound. She has a caring and empathetic approach, which is empowering as a result.

While no legal matter is as cheap as one would like, I found that the up-front transparency around costs made it easy to see what I would need to be comfortable with, and gave me the ability to manage that side of the process. I certainly found the experience much more personal and personable than I was expecting.

Fortunately for me, my outcome was generally as I wanted it to be, and just in time. I ended up being able to pursue my goals with parameters and safeguards in place, with a much better knowledge of my rights and recourse should I later find myself facing further problems. I am now in control of my life and can certainly say that this would not have been possible if I had not been assisted legally in the way that I was, and by the kind of person Vanessa is.

For these reasons, and the very positive experience I had with Vanessa and BTLawyers as a firm, I would most certainly recommend them as a highly personal and quality legal service, that is affordable and reasonable.

Tricia Moore