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Family Court of Australia:

Federal Circuit Court of Australia:

Family & Federal Circuit Court Filing Fees:

Family Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Family Court and FDR:

Relationships Australia:

Family Relationship Centre:

Find a FDR Practitioner:

Mediation Experts:

Resolution Partners:

Brisbane Mediations:

Family Court Brochures

Applying to the Court for orders:

Before you file – pre-action procedure for financial cases:

Before you file – pre-action procedure for parenting cases:

Children and international travel after family separation:

Compliance with parenting orders:

Compulsory Family Dispute Resolution – court procedures and requirements:

Do you have fears for your safety when attending court:

Duty of Disclosure:
Exposure to Family Violence and its effect on children

Family Law and Bankruptcy:

Family Law and superannuation:

Family Violence and Best Practice Principals:

Going to Court – tips for your court hearing

Guidelines for exemption of court fees:

Guidelines for reduced fees – divorce and decree of nullity application:

Have you been married less than 2 years?:

Marriage, families and separation:

Parental Conflict and its effect on children:

Parenting orders – obligations, consequences and who can help:

Recovery Orders:

Separation and Stress:

Separated but living under the one roof:

Domestic Violence & Risk of Harm

Queensland Courts:

Police Link (for non urgent matters):

Queensland Police (for non urgent matters):

Brisbane Domestic Violence Service:

Domestic Violence Crisis Centre:

National Assault, Family and Domestic Violence Counselling line:

Domestic Violence Prevention Centre:

Domestic Violence Resource Centre:

Department of Child Safety:

Sexual Assault – Help, Assistance and Contacts:

Alcohol & Drug Use

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Narcotics Anonymous:

Child Support

Child Support Agency:

Child Support Estimators:

Support and Counselling Services

Family Relationships Centre:

Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services:

Relationships Australia:



Kids Help Line:

National Council for Single Mothers:

Mensline Australia:

Parenting Teens:

Uniting Care Community:


Property Matters




Family Law Act 1975:

Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012:


Our Children Australia:

Translating Services:

Womens Legal Services:

Caxton Legal Services:

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