I am thinking about separating

When you first start to think about separating from your partner, you’re going to have a lot of questions on your mind. Questions that you need answered to help you understand what will happen if you do separate, and to clear up some uncertainties around that process. Some of these questions might be:

  • If I decide to leave what do I need to do?
  • Can I afford to leave?
  • What will happen to my kids?
  • How much will this all cost?
  • What is the process?
  • How do I protect my property?
  • What will I be entitled to, and what are my rights and obligations?

People always ask us if it’s too early to have a chat with a lawyer to get some of these questions answered if you haven’t even separated yet. We always say that it’s never too early to seek advice. In fact, the earlier you can get some legal advice, the more informed you will be, which will help with the decisions you need to make.

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