I need to file or respond to court proceedings

Sometimes there will be cases that require the urgent attention of the Court, or where despite the best of efforts of all parties, they have been unable to achieve a resolution.

For many, the very thought of Court proceedings sounds daunting. However, it may be your only avenue to seek urgent assistance and/or your only opportunity to secure finality in your matter in situations where all other opportunities to do so have been exhausted. Initiating Court proceedings does not mean that you must proceed to a Final Hearing – there will still be many opportunities throughout your proceedings to have discussions and settle your matter.

If you are in receipt of a Court Application filed by the other party, you should ensure that you obtain urgent legal advice as soon as you can, as time limitations will apply for the filing of your response material.  You should also have a Court date allocated for which you will need to be prepared and available for.

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If you need advice on the court process, your options, or assistance in preparing for Court, book in for a consultation to discuss your matter today.  Our experience in negotiating will assist to facilitate an early resolution where possible, and if your matter is complicated, BTLawyers have a network of qualified and specialised professionals, including Barristers, Psychologists, Valuers, Financial Advisors and other experts who we can help you to engage to assist with your matter.

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