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One of the frustrations a lot of legal clients have is feeling that what they want from the legal process is often not well understood by their legal team, who can be driven by their own agenda. For me, my number one focus when I start working with a new client is to ensure I truly understand the outcome that they want to achieve, and then making sure we get that result, or better.

I’ve been working as a legal practitioner since 2011. Since that time I have worked in claims involving compulsory third party insurance, workers’ compensation and public liability and gained extensive experience in complex catastrophic claims having been involved in a number of claims involving paraplegia, tetraplegia and acquired brain injuries.

My previous experience representing plaintiffs is incredibly valuable to the work I do now representing employers. It has given me insight into what drives plaintiffs, which now helps me to resolve claims more efficiently and with better outcomes for all involved.

If you’d like to speak to Tristan about management of a complex catastrophic claim, or any other workers’ compensation matter, he can be contacted on

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Tristan Higham - BTLawyers Associate


Admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland 2011


Bachelor of Laws



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