We are delighted to share with you a podcast with Lucy Good from Beanstalk Mums and our family law specialist Vanessa Hernandez. They talk about co-parenting at Christmas and how to be prepared….

This is one for the co-parents amongst us. It’s all about that happy, merry, family time we call Christmas.

Yes, what was once a day to be welcomed and enjoyed can sadly turn into one of the hardest days of the year for some co-parenting families. And what makes it harder, is that we have to contest with all the stereotypical ‘happy family’ commercials which bombard our lives. All this happens whilst we are trying to create something for our children that resembles ‘peace on earth’.

Not. Easy.

Yet there are ways to prepare, and I’ve brought in my go-to lady and fountain of family law knowledge, Vanessa Hernandez from BT Lawyers. She has heaps of advice, both practical and emotional, to help you make it to Boxing Day with your jingling bells all intact.

In this tip-filled podcast we talk about:

  • The most common struggles for co-parents at Christmas and how to prepare for them
  • When is it too late to change a parenting plan/court order in time for Christmas
  • What to do if your ex-partner lets you down on the big day
  • How much we should involve our children in decisions about Christmas
  • How to prepare emotionally, and actually enjoy the day ourselves

Oh and if anyone knows how to stop an iPhone ringing through a Mac when the phone is turned OFF, please feel free to share. My apologies for the tiny interruption.