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Court Links

Family Court of Australia

Federal Circuit Court of Australia

Family & Federal Circuit Court Filing Fees

Family Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Family Court and FDR

Relationships Australia

Family Relationship Centre

Find a FDR Practitioner

Mediation Experts

Resolution Partners

Brisbane Mediations

Family Court Brochures

Applying to the Court for orders

Before you file – pre-action procedure for financial cases

Before you file – pre-action procedure for parenting cases

Children and international travel after family separation

Compliance with parenting orders

Compulsory Family Dispute Resolution – court procedures and requirements

Do you have fears for your safety when attending court?

Duty of Disclosure

Exposure to family violence and its effect on children

Family Law and Bankruptcy

Family Law and superannuation

Family Violence and Best Practice Principles

Going to Court – tips for your court hearing

Going to Court – tips for your court hearing

Guidelines for exemption of court fees

Guidelines for reduced fees – divorce and decree of nullity application

Have you been married less than 2 years?

Marriage, families and separation

Parental Conflict and its effect on children

Parenting orders – obligations, consequences and who can help

Recovery Orders

Separation and Stress

Separated but living under the one roof

Domestic Violence & Risk of Harm

Queensland Courts

Police Link (for non urgent matters)

Queensland Police (for non urgent matters)

Brisbane Domestic Violence Service

Domestic Violence Crisis Centre

National Assault, Family and Domestic Violence Counselling line

Domestic Violence Prevention Centre

Department of Child Safety

Sexual Assault – Help, Assistance and Contacts

Alcohol & Drug Use

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Child Support

Child Support Agency

Child Support Estimators

Support and Counselling Services

Family Relationships Centre

Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services

Relationships Australia



Kids Help Line

National Council for Single Mothers

Mensline Australia

Parenting Teens

Uniting Care Community


Property Matters




Family Law Act 1975

Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012


Our Children Australia

Translating Services

Womens Legal Services

Caxton Legal Services

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