This weekend is Mother’s Day.  And as a separated father, special occasions like Mother’s Day can often be a cause of stress, rather than a cause for celebration.  But it doesn’t have to be.

BTLawyers offers 5 easy tips to have a stress and conflict-free Mother’s Day.

  1. No “tit for tat”.  If it is your weekend with the children, you should consider making plans for them to spend time with mum for Mother’s Day.  Even if Father’s Day did not go to plan for you and despite your past disagreements, you should make every effort to ensure your children spend time with mum on Mother’s Day.  Try to keep in mind what is in the best interests of your children and what they would want for Mother’s Day.
  2. Minimise the potential for conflict.  Recognise the things that make you and your ex-partner clash. This might be bringing your new partner to changeover or something as simple as not returning the kids’ water bottles. Whatever it is, try to make a conscious effort to minimise the conflict.
  3. See it as an opportunity to work on your rebuilding your co-parenting relationship.  Co-parenting with a former spouse is not easy. Mother’s Day might be an opportunity for you and your ex-partner to work on your co-parenting skills and to start building a more amicable family relationship.
  4. If in doubt, chocolate!  As separated parents, there are no obligations on you to give a gift to your ex-partner on Mother’s Day.  However, you may wish to assist your children in purchasing a small gift, some chocolate, or preparing a handwritten card for mum.  Whilst a small gesture, it is a gesture of goodwill which may assist in the long run, to ease conflict.
  5. Remember it’s about the kids.  Whilst it might be called “Mother’s Day”, we all know that these holidays are really about the kids, and allowing them to celebrate their mothers. Where possible, try to remember this. Irrespective of your feelings for your ex-partner, remember that she is still the mother of your children.

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