Commercial Leasing & License Agreements

If you are thinking of entering into a commercial lease or licence agreement as either a tenant or a landlord, we can assist you. These commercial leasing agreements can be very long and difficult to understand and navigate.

How long are commercial leasing arrangements?

Commercial leasing arrangements can go from as little as 12 months to 20 years. When you are entering into a transaction with another party, it is important to ensure the agreement is properly documented to prevent any disputes or “he said” or “we shook on it” arguments later.

How can we help?

Leave all the drafting and navigating to us. As part of preparing or reviewing a lease or licence agreement, we provide you with a comprehensive and easy to understand advice. We ensure important requirements such as car parking, entry and exit conditions, shared communal spaces and obligations of tenants and landlords are covered.

At BTLawyers we offer fixed fee quotes with no hidden extras. Our experienced commercial lawyers will speak to you in real terms and will ensure your lease is a simple and airtight agreement that everyone understands.

Let’s work together

At BTLawyers, we deliver the most desirable outcomes for those we represent. We achieve this through our firm’s structure and the calibre of our team.

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