Commercial Litigation Team

Bruce Thomas - BTLawyers Principal Director

Bruce Thomas

Director Principal | View full profile
I am committed to protecting and adding value to our clients’ businesses and strongly advocate for out-of-court resolution. However, if litigation is the best approach to achieve my client’s desired outcome, they will benefit from my significant negotiation and litigation experience and unsurpassed success in winning at trial.


Carl Hagon

Special Counsel | View full profile
I have worked primarily in commercial disputes and developed a strong practice in insolvency and construction. My experience has taught me that disputes are rarely a net benefit to those involved. I focus on providing commercial advice to clients with the goal of achieving their objectives as quickly and cheaply as possible

Stephanie Philippou - BTLawyers Associate

Stephanie Philippou

Associate | View full profile
Being a practical and no-nonsense Associate allows me to focus on what really matters to clients who are experiencing what can be a terribly stressful experience. I specialise in contract disputes, shareholders’ disputes, debt recovery, defamation, estate litigation and insolvency.

Lysette Yates - BTLawyers Solicitor

Lysette Yates

Solicitor | View full profile
The most enjoyable aspect of my work is getting to know my clients’ businesses and helping to protect their interests. I instill confidence in my clients by providing them with a true depiction of the issues, their position and the options available to them to best achieve their desired outcomes.


Nick Revere

Solicitor | View full profile
I employ a pragmatic approach to my clients’ disputes without applying unnecessary steps that delay results. Working closely with my clients ensures that the most effective steps are taken to reach their desired outcome.

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