Top 5 Tips for Managing a Litigant Employee

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By Brooke Wilton It can be satisfying to know that you have helped an injured worker through their rehabilitation and assisted them to return to work within your business; but navigating the ongoing employer/employee relationship can become more difficult when an employee decides to bring a common law claim. Here [...]

Amendment to Definition of Worker

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Effective 1 July 2013, the definition of “worker” under the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 has changed. Section 11 of the Act previously defined a worker as simply “a person who works under a contract of service”.  Schedule 2 further defined who was or was not a worker in [...]

Gender Focus

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Gender equality within the workplace has recently garnered attention with the Federal Government announcing it will launch an enquiry into the discrimination in the work force directed against women who are pregnant or returning to work after taking parental leave. The announcement comes three months after new reporting regime set [...]

Announcing the launch of our Family Law Department

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BTLawyers is growing, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Family Law Department! Our Team Our Family Law Department is led by Vanessa Hernandez. Vanessa graduated from Queensland University of Technology with degrees in Law and Business and has specialised in Family Law since she was admitted [...]