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About George Williams

George works with clients that range from large insurers to small businesses and individuals in relation to insurance and personal injury matters. His goal is always to achieve the best outcome for his clients. This requires him to provide considered and detailed advice so his clients can make informed decisions. It also requires him to exhibit good advocacy and litigation skills in order to progress the dispute towards a resolution. George joined BTLawyers in 2015.

BTLawyers / ASIEQ Event – June 20, 2019

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BTLawyers is pleased to present the next ASIEQ Workshop Dissecting Wellness Programs Join BTLawyers and ASIEQ for breakfast as we explore the topic of Wellness Programs from a practical, psychiatric and occupational perspective. Workplace wellness programs can bring physical, mental and emotional benefits to employees. They can help build employee trust, reduce stress, foster [...]

Out Cold: How sporting clubs should manage the health and legal risks of concussions

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By George Williams  As the NRL season in Australia kicks off for another year, there is one thing that we can be guaranteed to see on the field several times before the season ends – players experiencing concussion. Due to the nature of contact sports, concussions are inevitable - independent [...]