BTLawyers are pleased to announce that Solicitors Brooke Wilton and George Williams have been promoted to Associates.

Brooke joined BTLawyers as a Solicitor in April 2014, having previously worked as a Paralegal and Legal Assistant Team Leader. Since joining BTL, she has worked for a number of workers’ compensation insurers managing claims across the meat processing, retail, mining and manufacturing sectors.

Brooke says that she values the acknowledgment and trust afforded to her by the BTLawyers partnership in promoting her.

“I appreciate the progressive culture at BTLawyers which departs from the traditional law firm model. The Partners are active in acknowledging and promoting staff based on merit and expertise, rather than the number of years’ service. I really enjoy the client and results focused approach that BTLawyers takes to managing files to expeditious resolution,” she says.

George joined BTLawyers in April 2015.  He works for a number of not-for-profit Aged Care clients as well as industry clients in the port and meat processing sectors.

George says that he was excited by his promotion as it was a testament to hard work and the opportunities for success provided by the firm.

“I joined BTL because I wanted to work with one of the leading worker’s compensation lawyers in Queensland. It’s very gratifying to be rewarded and promoted in such a short space of time and to know that I’m trusted to manage some of the firm’s most valued clients,” he says.

Managing Partner Bruce Thomas says that Brooke and George were both given six-month targets to reach to earn their promotions, which they both achieved in only four months.

“It’s been fantastic to watch Brooke and George thrive over the last couple of years since they joined the firm, and it’s my absolute pleasure to promote them both to Associate. I personally look forward to helping them achieve their next career goals.”

Congratulations Brooke and George!